Sidekick Films was founded in 2017.
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At Sidekick Films our experts have experience not only in video editing but marketing, branding, and much more! Our team of professionals can specifically utilize video to help your startup in a unique way. We offer full-service video solutions remotely to any startup around the world. If your business is not a startup we can also serve incorporated business needs. In addition to providing remote video services for startup companies, we also provide a wide array of in-person video production for your company or event. 

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Video services for startup companies

Our History

Sidekick Films is a creative agency founded in 2018 when Noah Lucia saw affordable video solutions for startups, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Our company captures our clients’ vision for all your business needs. Specifically, Sidekick Films provides remote video production services for startup companies using our video project management software. We offer full-service solutions for startups including advice on branding, how to utilize video, and much more. Sidekick Films is based in Rochester, NY, and offers full remote video solutions to companies globally. 

Our Goals

Sidekick Films produces professional quality video solutions at an affordable price. Our goal is to develop long term relationships for our clients in their growth phase. We develop our clients reputation with creative, and innovative video products specifically for promotion on social media and the internet. We also provide in person video production (location dependent) for weddings, events, short films, promotional videos and much more. 

Video services for startup companies

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