Project Management Software

Revolutionary cloud-based project management software
for your video project!

project management software

All in one Interface

Our client panel enables you to provide frame by frame feedback for your video project, letting the client’s vision be achieved.

Powerful Features

Provide feedback for your project, upload files, sign contracts, view invoices and more. Our software eliminates the countless emails back and forth.

project management software
project management software

Transparency for your project

All projects that Sidekick Films completes qualify to use our comprehensive project management software during the project. 

Client Reviews

Awesome interface! Helped my vision for my project be conveyed. Definitely 5 stars from me!

Allowed transparency for my project

Allowed me to see project details and status of project. Definently would recommend doing your video projects with Sidekick Films!

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Our project managment ensures transparency for your project.

Let's clients provide feedback

View and approve invoices and contracts

See project status and much more!

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